Beauty trends to look forward to this year

New delhi: From anti-pollution products to hair care to chrome nails, this year has some new upcoming trends to look forward to, says an expert.

Milan Sharma, Co-Founder at Magnifique, a luxury boutique salon, has listed some of the trends for you to catch up with:

* With the pollution levels increasing in the city, brands have increased their focus on creating new anti-pollution products. This year there would be many new products hitting the market.

However, the products are good but expert care is must. The abundant supply of products and brands that claim to be the best, have increased the ambiguity. A certified expert in a reputed salon can check your skin and hair and recommend the best suited product for you.

* Scientific beauty will take over the rhetoric. Since consumers have become more aware today about what they use, the products that are based on sound scientific approach are expected to excel in 2017.

* Skin has been the traditional investment centre of luxury beauty spends but this year, luxury hair care is expected to catch up.

The salons that have experts and right infrastructure will see a surge in people visiting with focus on hair problems and improvements.

* Super customisation: The luxury beauty market is slowly getting skewed towards tailored products and solutions. Customers will look to customisable products and specialised infrastructure to cater to their personalised needs and expectations.

Diagnostic treatment will play an important role. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will uplift the level of customisation, salons that specialise in diagnostics and have technology to monitor skin and hair conditions.

* Chrome nails: This trend started in 2016 and is expected to grow hugely in 2017. Chrome Nails need special technical know-how and it’s advisable it be done by expert artists to get the confident metal finish.

* Products for eye brows: 2017 will follow the obsession of getting perfect brows with techniques and products for pencilling, brushing and shading products. Techniques such as microplanning and brow dyeing will see salons buzzing with customers.

* Extra long and wavy hair: 2017 will have people obssessing over long hair styles and also, more waves would be in fashion.

Extra long hair means extra care and more visits to the salon and experts.