Beautifying the chills with winter hues

New Delhi, Nov 26 : Winter is creeping up on us fast! For the make-up junkies, who love contouring, that means it’s time to switch up their maquillage to reflect the changing colors and seasons.

Change of seasons calls for a change in makeup routine too. What may seem good for winter will make you feel de trop during monsoon, while a summer makeup will leave you washed out and colourless during winters. All seasons have a unique style statement and hues.

The chilly months subject your skin to a lot of extremes, like dry heat from heaters, rapid changes in temperatures from indoors and outdoors, wind, rain and cool, harsh air. With winter looming, a new colour palette becomes a must.

Here are some points that will help you understand the difference, easing out the whole make-up transition.

Fashion blogger Anupriya from told ANI during Timeless Beauty campaign at DLF Promenade, “Difference between summer makeup and winter makeup is as different as day and night. In summers, you don’t want a lot of makeup on your face to sweat off; you want basic natural and soft things which make you feel happy. And in winters, you can take out all those red and wines and enjoy yourself.”

According to another fashion blogger, Manavi, from a beauty and lifestyle website, the difference between the summer and winter makeup has got a lot to do with pallets like dark and light.

“You can try and experiment with a lot of darker colours in winter, during which a lot of lipsticks come out like Burgundies, Marsala, dark red and stuff. You can go all out with your smokey eyes. The grays, the blues, the blacks, you can go very dramatic. Summer, it’ll look a little too much. Hydration is very important in winters and for summer, you are just looking for fresh skin without making it look too oily,” she said.

Nidhi Arora from ChicLifeByte said “In summer, we don’t use more of foundation and all because it melts with sun. You use more of powders and translucent basis dermas n supras combined together and give more emphasis towards matt form. Then, matt skin looks dry in the summer season, if you give a shine look in winter that will also help.”

For the national make-up artist for North region Bipasha Debbarma, Colorbar USA, summer is much more fresh light make-up. “Go for more orangy colour, peach. It gives you a fresh look. In winter go for deeper colour, which is maroon, darkish, deeper red, deeper pink. It looks much better.”

Prettying up winters isn’t that hard. All you have to do is to put away the light foundations, the summery eye colours and use the cream moisturizers, protective foundations, matte eye shadows and winter colours like grey and brown.

Stay hydrated and beat the chills with your haute looks. (ANI)