Beat the heat with these home remedies

Hyderabad: The sale of cool drinks is on the increase with the rise of mercury. People should be careful about using cool drinks. People have started using cool drinks indiscriminately which may be harmful to the body. Instead of using artificial cool drinks, use fruit juice or coconut water.

Use of bottled cool drinks can be harmful to the body. Lime juice, fruit juice and juice out of dry fruits could be useful. Coconut water compensates loss of water from the body.

Although, the cool drinks available in bottles may give relief for a moment but in the long run they could be harmful to the body. It leads to many health disorders like Belching, heartburn, Obesity, tooth decay, reduction in bone strength etc.

In summer, it is advisable to cover head, neck, ears etc. to save the body from heat waves.

–Siasat News