Beat the heat with bouncy hair, healthy skin

New Delhi : Summer is the season to let go of elaborate affairs and embrace the easy and natural look. From using UV protectant on hair to using facial blotting paper to soak up the excess oil from skin while stepping out, experts suggests some cool tips to beat the heat and achieve bouncy tresses and flawless skin.

Shailesh Moolya, National Creative Director – Hair, Lakmé Salon and Aparna Santhanam, Pond’s Skin Expert – gives tips to protect ourselves from the heat, frizz and humidity without turning it into an endless battle:

* Summer haircare tips

* Instant deep conditioning: The heat tends to make the hair dehydrated and malnourished so instant deep conditioning will keep it smooth and hydrated

* Sport short hair: Keep it short and simple. Not only is it fuss free, which is perfect for the season, a new haircut is sometimes all it takes to take on the world. Go ahead, give it a ‘short’!

* Use UV protectant: A UV or heat protectant is as important for your hair as sunscreen is for your skin.

* Shampoo hair when necessary: Although sweaty summers call for multiple showers, it’s important to remember that over shampooing won’t do your hair any good. Shampooing your hair 2-3 times a week is good enough for a clean and healthy scalp

* Opt for comfort styling: Though a high and a tight pony tail are the most popular summer hairstyle, it results in hair breakage and damage. Opt for loose and comfy styles that won’t put too much of pressure on your strands.

* Condition your frizz away: Never skip conditioning your hair after shampooing it. Make it a part of your washing routine and it will keep your locks hydrated, smooth and glossy.

* Summer skincare tips

* Cleanse : The most important step in looking after your skin in summer is cleansing. Summer is the time when skin gets more sweaty and oily and the face tends to become dull. It’s important to use face washes which control oil and acne like face washes containing active ingredients of thyme and pine oil. They have demonstrated fast and proven effectiveness in clinical trials and help in strengthening the skin from the inside to clear pimples from the roots.

* Stepping out: Ensure that you carry some facial blotting paper to soak up the excess oil, a sunscreen lotion, wet wipes and a lip balm when you step out. Apply the lip balm frequently so that your lips are hydrated.

* Sunscreen: Sunscreens are a must use item for summer. It’s important to choose sunscreens with UVB blocker (SPF: minimum 20) and UVA (PA+++) blockers. A matte finish or gel based one works best and needs to be reapplied every four hours.

* Hydration: It’s important in the summer months to stay adequately hydrated to maintain the skin health and glow. I recommend labelling two one litre bottles with your name, figure out what your current level is and work your way up to 2 liters. Water can be made more refreshing by adding lemons, cucumbers, mint etc. to the water.

* Diet: In summer time, it is very import to eat more anti-oxidants in your diet. Add brightly coloured fruits and vegetables to your diet like carrots, beetroots and pomegranates as well as iced green tea in your diet. Cut back on sugar and eat vegetables with high water content. Add nuts to your diet and glow your way through this summer.