BCs Commission’s Chairman had links with RSS and Naxalites

Hyderabad: There is a big question mark on the seriousness of Mr. K. Chandrasekhara Rao. Although, he constituted BCs Commission but he nominated a former RSS worker as its chairman and other member who is anti-reservation.

It may be noted that two days back, BCs Commission was constituted and noted social scientist and Telugu writer, Mr. B. S. Ramulu was made its chairman. The other members are Mr. V. Krishna Mohan Rao, Mr. J. Gouri Shanker and Dr. E. Anjaneya Goud. Normally, a retired judge is nominated as Chairman since the job involves legal matters. Whenever, BCs Commission was constituted, retired High Court Judges was its chairman. It is very surprising that despite giving several assurances, the action taken by CM is against his promises. It seems that CM is playing with the sentiments of Muslims. He is using them for his political benefits. CM turned BCs Commission into a center for rehabilitation. No member of the commission is a legal expert which makes the seriousness of KCR suspicious.

It is very surprising that Commission’s chairman was a “Mukhya Shikhak” when he joined RSS. He organized training camps for RSS from 1967 to 19672 in Dharmapuri and Jagtiyal. Later, he joined People’s War Group (CPI-M). How can we expect that he would recommend reservation for Muslims when his mindset is of RSS?

Another member, Mr. V. Krishna Mohan Rao was member of BCs Commission in 2004 and 2009. When the issue of providing reservations to Muslims was presented in the commission, he had opposed it. It is not expected that he would support of the cause of reservation. He was very active during the Telangana and hence he was nominated as member to rehabilitate him. CM took two and half years to get report form Sudheer Commission of Inquiry and it may take the same period to get recommendation from BCs commotion. TRS may make an attempt to get Muslim votes on the basis of Muslim reservation in the general election of 2019.

–Siasat News