BC Commission has no Muslim member, Wajid Husain protests

Hyderabad: Former GHMC floor leader of Congress, Mr. Mohammed Wajid Husain slammed TRS government for not providing reservations to Muslims ever after two and a half years of its rule, despite promising to provide it within 4 months after coming to power.

Following strong anger and pressure of Muslim minorities, the government recently formed BC Commission but didn’t nominate a single Muslim member which shows government’s prejudice against Muslims and its inefficiency.

Congress leader Mr. Mohammed Wajid Husain said not nominating a singe Muslim member in BC Commission is nothing short of criminal negligence on part of TRS government. Had the government been sincere it would have nominated atleast one Muslim member in BC Commission.

Besides chairman BC Commission none of the members of the commission belong to Muslim minority. This puts a question mark on the sincerity of state government.

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