BC commission inevitable for 12% Muslim reservations

As part of the Muslim Empower Movement launched under the patronage of Siasat Daily to provide 12% reservations to Muslims in Telangana, various organisations submitted memoranda to high government officials and public representatives in various districts of the state.

A delegation of Secunderabad Cantonment People’s Welfare Committee submitted a memorandum to Tahsildar and Executive Magistrate Hyderabad district. Demanding fulfilment of promise made by TRS government and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, the memorandum stated that the government did not adopt constitutional procedure to provide 12% reservations to Muslims, as a result 12% reservations remained an unfulfilled dream. It is feared that till the law is enacted to provide reservations to Muslims, process of filling thousands of posts in Telangana would be complete and Muslims will be deprived of its benefits. The memorandum stressed the need of forming BC commission, declaring it as inevitable for providing 12 % Muslim reservations.

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