BBMP’s one home, one dog policy draws flak

Bengaluru: Scores of dog lovers hit the streets of Bengaluru over Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike’s (BBMP) new law, demanding to quash it.

‘Not Without My Dog’ campaign has been launched in the city opposing the BBMP’s mandate as per which only “one approved breed of a dog can be reared in a flat.”

The locals are objecting to the cap on the number of pet dogs.

“The BBMP has put these laws without checking. We are not able to understand why they are pushing laws which are so unconstitutional and against the public. Last time also the public came out, the animal welfare of India came out,” said one of the organisers.

She added that the BBMP approved only 64 breeds of dogs, most of them not found in India. The list bears an eerie similarity to another one put up by the Singapore Housing and Development Board.

The protestor further said that they met the Mayor of the city, who put the law on hold and assured that changes would be made.

As per the new set of rule by the BBMP, the pet owners within their limits should obtain a license for their dog and get it renewed annually.

The owners even have to scoop their dog’s poop or else will be charged with Rs 100.

People living in a flat can only have one dog and the owners of an independent house can have three, that too from the list of 64 breeds approved by the BBMP. (ANI)