BBC moment rewinds: Child’s adorable interview interruption will make your day

It is not too long that we had an ‘awww moment’ after the video clip of a BBC interview got interrupted on air, by two tiny individuals.

The video was loved by many and people had a good time adoring the entry of two children live on air, while the East Asian political expert Robert E Kelly’s was getting interviewed.

However, it looks like that the ‘BBC dad’ has got a good competition from an ‘Al-Jazeera dad’.

The BBC moment got rewound when Daniel Smith-Rowsey, a film historian was speaking to Al-Jazeera about the Golden Globes in context of the sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood.

Daniel was joining the interview from Berkeley when this adorable kid entered the scene. Daniel introduced his son to the anchor and the latter asked him to keep his son in frame.

The child not only said hello to the presenter but kept giving a smile. He could also be seen playing with a toy car and ran it over his dad’s shoulder. He even waved a goodbye by holding the car in his hand.

Last year, we had a BBC dad and the moment was this: