BB9: Dairy task intensifies Priya- Kawaljeet rivalry

New Delhi, Nov. 26 : After having heated arguments in the previous episodes, the dairy task must have now made the things worse between fellow contestants Priya Malik and Kawaljeet Singh in the ‘Bigg Boss 9.’

In the recent episode, Priya and Kawaljeet got involved in the major fight when the former called the latter a ‘pig’.

Further, Priya also complained that Kawaljeet does not act according to his age and speaks inappropriately to all.

Meanwhile, other contestants compared him to ex-house mate Imam A Siddique, who always remained in the headlines for his fights.

Later in the evening, Mandana stole Rimi’s make-up bag after being disappointed with the latter for not playing fair.

Previously, Kawaljeet was seen passing comments on Priya which were tagged as racist. (ANI)