Bauua Singh of ‘Zero’ addresses letter to SRK

Mumbai: Bauua Singh, the protagonist of the upcoming film ‘Zero’, addressed a letter to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Friday.

This quirky development comes after King Khan created a hype about his character in ‘Zero’ by opening a verified Twitter account in the name of Bauua Singh.

The introductory tweet read,” I am Bauua Singh people…respect that fact and those who don’t. I will kill them with my love. Get ready Twitter people! Bauua Singh has arrived!”

During the grand trailer launch of ‘Zero’ on Friday, Khan read the letter by Bauua which began by praising the star for his greatness in the industry.

Wishing the star on his birthday, in the fictional letter, Bauua listed the things Shah Rukh is famous for amongst his fans.

“Thank you for bringing in the sense of fulfillment in love,” read the first point listed by Bauua.

“Thank you for spreading your arms on the bridge,” read the second point. Earlier in the day, the star spread his arms in his iconic movie style, in order to thank his fans gathered outside ‘Mannat’ on his birthday.

The character, in the letter, even thanked the star for his iconic “KKKK. Kiran” dialogue.

Indirectly referring to his song ‘Chhaiya Chhaiya’ which was shot on a moving train, Bauua thanked King Khan for “singing songs on top of a moving train”.

Giving an insight on the character being comparable to any common man, the character of Bauua further said that he is not just a man from a single city, but the whole country itself.

“I’m not from Meerut, but I’m Meerut itself. I am Saharanpur. I am Jaisalmer. I’m Trichy, Indore, and Amritsar. I am the sum total of all the four-point crossings in the country and every small city there is,” the letter further read.

The letter ended with Bauua wishing the star on his birthday once more.

Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif, the trailer of ‘Zero’ showcased the journey of Bauua Singh (played by SRK) – a vertically challenged man on a lookout for a bride.

Produced by Gauri Khan, the movie will hit theatres on December 21.