Battle half won if corporators think growth: CM

Exhorting the corporators to vie for development by having a feeling that every division they represent is their own home which needs thorough care and upkeep for growth and prosperity. “The battle is half won if you could find a solution to a challenge of making Hyderabad a global city with the best facilities by spending every paisa of our revenue with a plan”, KCR noted.

Addressing GHMC orientation classes at Pragati Resorts on the city outskirts, KCR curtly stated that the newly elected people’s representatives will not have bright future if they ignored to develop their divisions and remain unmindful of local problems. Stating that every person residing in the State capital is a Hyderabadi which is lacking facilities to its one crore population, KCR asked the corporators to work on a mission mode along with officials to resolve the issues and make the city a green Hyderabad which should have no mosquitoes as was the case with Pragathi Resorts.

Directing to make study visits to New Delhi, Nagpur and other metro cities, he asked them to get information pertaining to maintenance of sanitation, supply of waters, power and other amenities. “Our efforts should be made to address problems like water clogging, traffic jams, environment, congestion in streets, failure to develop backward areas”, he said.

“The TRS hoisted its flag on the GHMC as people of other regions also believed in its leadership and now it is our turn to show our enthusiasm and guts with determination to resolve the issues and address their problems. We have addressed perennial power problem and constructing 2 reservoirs for providing 24 hour drinking water to Hyderabadis. He attributed the ecological imbalance and environmental pollution and other problems to the inefficiency of previous rulers, who ignored to expand greenery.

KCR exuded confidence that expansion of greenery for afforestation will root out drought. He stressed the need for expanding greenery in the State. He said Pragathi Resorts boasts of 5,000 trees for each person. Stating that India is lagging behind in afforestation, KCR compared about number of trees to a person – every Indian has only 28 trees, while in Canada one has 8950 trees, every Russian has 4460 trees, every American has 716 trees and every Chinese has 102 trees. (NSS)