Bathini fish prasadam distribution on June 8

The popular Bathini Fish Prasadam distribution will start on Mrigasira Karthe day on June 8 at 8.30 am and will continue till June 9  8.30 am. The fish prasadam will be administered at the Exhibition grounds, Nampally.


Bathini Harinath Goud, senior member of the family, said they have been administering the fish medicine every year for the asthma patients since over 170 years. He said they have been providing free service for last four generations and thanked Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Home Minister Nayini Narasimha Reddy,   Finance Minister Eetela Rajender  for their support and guidance. He also said they have requested the  Hyderabad district Collector and other departments concerned to provide necessary arrangements for administering the fish prasadam to patients at the Exhibition Grounds.

A number of social service organizations like Agarwal Sevadal, Badri Visal Pannalal Pitti Trust, Agarwal Samaj, Uttara Bharathi Sangh, Bihari Association, Punjab Association  and other organizations were lending support for smooth distribution of the Fish Prasadam.

Meanwhile, the Bathini family was shocked when it was asked by the Exhibition Society to pay Rs 1.10 lakh for availing its ground for the event. Harinath Goud said the State government, which makes all security-related and other arrangements for the people coming to take the prasadam, should settle the issue. “We are not collecting a single paisa. Our prasadam is free of cost and so is our service,” he added.

On the other hand, Exhibition Society vice-president Anil Kumar Mishra said the money they were asking for will be spent for cleaning the garbage after the event. However, Hyderabad district Collector Rahul Bojja promised to look into the matter stating that generally administration only takes care of expenses for the facilities provided at the event and doesn’t charge for renting the ground. (NSS)