Bastar Police give shelter to children affected by Naxal attacks

Bastar: How Naxalites kept themselves safe by using village children as shields in Naxal-hit areas has been revealed by three minors.

Recently, during a search in the Chandameta area of Darbha block in Bastar, police and paramilitary personnel followed some boys of a village on a suspicious lark.

Seeing them, the boys began running in an opposite direction, but were nabbed and brought to the police station for questioning along with their families.

Police released the youth after interrogation and asked them to return to the village, but the minors refused to do so.

They said that they were ready to do any kind of job, but pleaded not to be sent back to their village.

The police surveyed their activities for four or five days and realized their helplessness.

Subsequently, they informed seniors about the predicament of these children.

Police said that the Maoists use these children as shields and informants.

They were instructed to burn crackers to alert the Maoists about the arrival of the soldiers so that they could hide themselves.

Apart from this, the children were also taught how to use rifles and make bombs, and if they did not obey, they were assaulted and treated inhumanly.

With the new education session starting from June 16, these children will be admitted to the school, and the police department will take care of all of their expenses.

Police said the children have a desire to live a better life and the Constitution of the country permits them to do so.

At present, these three children are staying with the police in Darbha police station. (ANI)