Bassi says drunk cop identified and suspended

New Delhi, Aug.24 : Delhi’s Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi on Monday told ANI that the drunk cop travelling on the Delhi Metro has been identified and suspended.

Bassi said, ” He has already been identified. Action has been initiated against him. He has been placed under suspension.”

“If any police officer is found drunk in uniform even during off duty hours, this is totally unacceptable,” Bassi added.

However, he said, “This is a one of its kind incident. It’s an exception. We should look for the rule, not for exceptions”.

Bassi was responding to a video that went viral on social media yesterday.

The 36-second amateur video clip uploaded on Facebook shows the dishevelled policeman, his shirt out, trying to find his way around the coach in drunken stupor.

Curious fellow passengers watch as he struggles to find his balance and appear to fiddle with the window frame.

Then, as the train brakes to a halt at a station, the cop comes crashing down on the floor and is helped up by other passengers.

Delhi Metro does not allow drunk commuters to board its trains if they create a nuisance, nor allow passengers to carry alcohol with them. (ANI)