Bassi loyal to ‘khaki’ worn by RSS workers: AAP

New Delhi: Taking a jibe at B.S. Bassi over the ongoing controversy surrounding the JNU campus row, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Somnath Bharti on Friday alleged it seems that the Delhi Police Commissioner is loyal to the ‘Khaki’ pants worn by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) workers.

“The Delhi Police is taking action in this case in a haphazardous manner. It is working like the police of the BJP. When Bassi talks about the ‘khaki’, it is not clear whether he is talking about the policemen, who wear the ‘khaki’ uniform or the ‘Khaki’ pants which the RSS workers wear,” Bharti told ANI.

The former Delhi law minister also alleged that the BJP and RSS orchestrated the entire incident at JNU, where anti-national slogans were allegedly raised on February 9.

“It is right to prosecute anyone, who raises anti-national slogans in any part of the country. But the Delhi Police has still not been able to come out with any substantial proof that Kanhaiya Kumar did make anti-national or anti-India slogans,” he said.

“On one hand, there is O.P Sharma against whom there is video evidence in which he is seen beating and saying that he would have shot bullets had he got a gun in his hand. He is given a VIP treatment and his offence is termed as ‘bailable’. He is given out bail in just 15 minutes. What guarantee is this dual nature giving?” he asked.

The Delhi police had yesterday arrested controversial BJP legislator O.P. Sharma in connection with an assault case on Monday, but the former was later released on bail.

The BJP MLA had claimed to be a victim and alleged that he had suffered a head injury in the attack and had hit out in self-defence. (ANI)