Bashir wanted to suppress protests by force, alleges military council

Khartoum [Sudan]: Former President Omar al-Bashir planned on suppressing protests here using military force, according to a spokesman from Sudan’s transitional military council which is currently in power in the African nation.

“Al-Bashir’s regime decided to suppress the protests by force – that made us interfere,” Shams al-Din Kabashi Ibrahim said on Sunday.

The transitional council was established for a period of two years after the military overthrew Bashir in a coup on Thursday.

While the Sudanese Defence Minister, Awad Ibn Auf, was appointed as the head of the newly created body initially, he stepped down from power within 24 hours of taking the post.

The state of emergency has since been lifted by the council, the current chief of which met with the leadership from the protester’s side.

The rallies in Sudan were initially triggered by the rise in bread prices. Calls for Bashir’s resignation gained traction throughout the protest, with the former President resigning on Thursday.