Baring my soul wasn’t easy: Sonu Nigam on writing memoir

New Delhi, March 8 : From signing “Kya Hua Tera Wada” on a stage with his father at the age of four to becoming Bollywood’s most popular contemporary playback singer, from collaborating with international pop stars like Britney Spears and DJ Avicii to winning multiple awards (including a National Award, two Filmfare Awards in Hindi and two Filmfare Awards South) Sonu Nigam has dazzled millions of music lovers across the globe.

Sharing undisclosed details, anecdotes and insights, Nigam takes us through his glorious life in his memoir, to be published by Bloomsbury.

Talking about the book Nigam says: “I remember a quote by George Bernard Shaw that I read in my English book in 9th Standard that said, ‘All autobiographies are lies.’ I strangely agreed with the reasoning behind it elaborated in that lesson. I never knew then though that there ever would come a time in my life when I would be asked to write mine.”

“It is a tough task to decide how much would one, or should one, reveal of one’s life. It’s exciting too, considering one actually gets to revisit the lanes and by-lanes of ever-so-personal, undisclosed details of one’s glorious life, and grin furtively at some of the most unfathomable experiences one is fated to go through.

“What I am going to go through while writing my autobiography sends chills down my spine honestly. Uncountable dynamics through a tedious, scandalous, emotional and spiritual life, need to be assessed and poured in the form of words. But I, on second thoughts, am sure my guts and courage will sail me through,” Nigam adds.

Rajiv Beri, Managing Director, Bloomsbury India says: “Sonu has enthralled millions world over with his incredible singing and has captured their hearts as a person of high values, integrity and purity of purpose. This is a much awaited autobiography and we are privileged to be the publisher of choice.”

Praveen Tiwari, Publisher, Bloomsbury India says: “Sonu Nigam, the iconic singer with an unrivalled voice, has garnered millions of fans across generations. He has continued to entertain his audiences with his exceptional performances and has ruled the music industry as the king of playback singing with classic hits like “Sandese Aate Hai”, “Yeh Dil Deewana”, and albums like “Deewana” and “Yaad”. Sonu Nigam is a name that every Indian music lover would be dearly familiar with, and as a fan myself, it is a privilege to be a part of the journey to publish his memoir, which will be timeless gift for all his fans.”