Bareilly Madrasa closed its doors for Sri Sri

Bareilly: The so-called peace ambassador turned hate-monger Sri Sri Ravi Shankar faced embarrassment when he was denied entry into Jamaitur Raza, the well-known Islamic Study Centre located at Mathurapur founded by Mufti Azam Akhtar Raza Khan during his visit to Bareilly. Sri Sri was not only denied permission but doors of the Jamia were also closed for him. Media in charge of the Jamia Maulana Salman Raza Khan clarified that they had no information regarding Sri Sri’s visit to Jamaitul Raza. It is the rule of the Jamia that no outsider is allowed into the madrasa without prior permission.

However according to sources, one of the reasons for not allowing Sri Sri into the madrasa was the controversial remark made by Sri Sri in which he had warned Muslims of Syria-like situation if construction of Ram temple is delayed.

Earlier the founder of art-of-living who was seeking out-of-court settlement of Babri Masjid dispute visited Dargah on the invitation of Tauqeer Raza Khan. Speaking to media Sri Sir said both the parties need to sit together for out-of-court settlement, as we don’t like the Middle East like situation. He said we have come to Bareli to give a message of peace. He put forth his formula before Tauqeer Raza. Tauqeer Raza also said that they also want peace in the county. He said we don’t want any court decision which would disappoint one party and bring joy to other.