Banning Pak actors? Burn down the Pak ajwain too! Comedian stages sarcastic protest to make a point

Mumbai: The conflicts between the India and Pakistan, The Uri attack in which 18 soldiers were killed are grabbing a massive number of people from both the countries.

According to Indian Express, the Maharshtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) had scared the Pakistani artists who work in India to leave the country. Several people from film industry were either against or in favour.

Varun Grover a comedian had called for a ban on ajwain (carom seeds) and sendha namak (rock salt) India imports from Pakistan. Different kind of protest taking place against Pakistan.

Comedian in an ironic tweets, said that the import from the neighboring country imports the two the salt and the Ajwain, the “films & artists we’ve decided to hate”. He made an appeal to all to take a screenshot of his tweet and pass it on to everyone, for all ‘true’ Indians.

“While the soldiers are dying, we ignorant fools are eating kuttu ki tikkiyaan with PAKISTANI namak (how gaddaar we are!) & Ajwain. STOP NOW!” he tweeted. He also put a video burning ajwain to prove he actually boycotted it!

A user wrote, “And all the outlets of Karachi Halwa and Karachi bakery.”
His tweets have garnered a massive response on social media.