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Bangladesh terror attack: Dhaka Mayor says such attacks will adversely affect tourism

Bangladesh terror attack: Dhaka Mayor says such attacks will adversely affect tourism

Dhaka : Annisul Haq, Mayor of the North Dhaka City Corporation condemned the Holey Artisan cafe attack saying that such incidents can have a negative impact on the tourism and business of the country.

“One incident like this I don’t think it will be so much effective. But many such incidents may affect our tourism and business and this happens everywhere,” Haq told ANI.

He said that Bangladesh needs to ensure the safety of foreign national and investors and that this is a wake-up call.

“We will make sure that all the foreign people, tourists and the investors feel secured,” said Haq.

On question about local support to carry out the attack, Haq replied, “Who has done it they are local people so there must be some local support. Now we have to find out how much international support is there at the back that is a concern.”

Earlier today, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also condemned the attack and the hostage crisis in the diplomatic area of Dhaka in which around 20 people including foreigners were killed.

The Bangladeshi commandos managed to rescue 13 people and kill six attackers.

The 12-hour-long hostage crisis at the cafe popular with foreigners ended after a two hour long assault by armed forces’ commandos killing six gunmen.

One assailant has been held by the security forces.

Hasina reiterating her vow to stop militancy and terrorism in the country, reassured citizens that her government will do everything to curb militancy and violent extremism in the country.

Though it was reported that the Islamic State claimed responsibility on the attack, the U.S. State Department has said it cannot yet be confirmed.

The Islamic State has claimed a number of past attacks in Bangladesh through its media affiliates, but the government has consistently denied presence of the militant in the country. (ANI)