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Bangladesh PM Hasina condemns Dhaka attack, confirms 6 gunmen killed, 1 held

Bangladesh PM Hasina condemns Dhaka attack, confirms 6 gunmen killed, 1 held

Dhaka: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today condemned the attack on the upscale cafe Holey Artisan and the hostage crisis in the diplomatic area of Dhaka that has, so far, led to the confirmed deaths of at least eight people – six gunmen and two police officers.

“Six attackers have been killed and 13 rescued. The attackers were not allowed to escape,” the Daily Star quoted her as saying.

The 12-hour-long hostage crisis at the cafe popular with foreigners ended after a two hour long assault by armed forces’ commandos killing six gunmen.

One assailant has been held by the security forces.

She thanked the law enforcers – Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, police, Rapid Action Battalion and Border Guard Bangladesh for their swift actions into the situation.

The assailants, believed to be carrying assault rifles and grenades, exchanged sporadic gun fire with police outside for several hours after the attack, which began around 9 p.m. on Friday.

Hasina reiterating her vow to stop militancy and terrorism in the country, reassured citizens that her government will do everything to curb militancy and violent extremism in the country.

Disgusted with the militants, she slammed the attackers.

“They (gunmen) should have been in their Tarabi prayers at that time – during the month of Ramadan, a month of self restraint,” she said.

She added, “What sort of Muslims they are that they don’t offer prayers and instead do such a thing? And what has been the result? None of the attackers could get away with their lives.”

Hasina also came down heavily to the private television channels for live telecasting of the offensive operation.

“Don’t they think that criminals can adjust to the steps taken by lawmen based on the information broadcast by the media,” she said.

She even warned the private media houses.

“I have personally observed who did not heed the bar on live telecasting of the operation. Most of the private TV channels were approved by me. So be careful. It’s not a plaything,” she added.

Though it was reported that the Islamic State claimed responsibility on the attack, the U.S. State Department has said it cannot yet be confirmed.

The Islamic State has claimed a number of past attacks in Bangladesh through its media affiliates, but the government has consistently denied presence of the militant in the country. (ANI)