Bangladesh calls on UN to find permanent solution to Rohingya crisis

New York [U.S.A]: Raising the issue of the ongoing Rohingya refugee crisis in the region, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday called on the United Nations and the international community to take immediate and effective measures to find out a permanent solution to the issue.

She asserted that the Rohingya Muslim, which flew away from Myanmar fearing death, must be able to return to their homeland with respect and dignity.

“I call on the United Nations and international community to take immediate and effective measures for a permanent solution to this crisis,” she said while addressing the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

Condemning all forms of terrorism violent extremism, Hasina said that Bangladesh maintains zero tolerance in this regard.

She even hit out at Pakistan taking reference of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 and said that March 25, the day on which Islamabad launched heinous operation searchlight, has been declared as a day of genocide by the Dhaka Parliament.

“In 1971, three million innocents were killed and more than 200,000 women violated, Pakistan Army launched heinous operation searchlight on March 25,” she said.

“To pay homage, our Parliament declared March 25 as genocide day. We have undertaken daunting task to bring key perpetrators to justice,” she added.

Bangladesh, which is facing an unprecedented influx of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar, has planned to build new settlements to house about 4,00,000 refugees that entered the country over the past three weeks.

The new settlements will be built within the next 10 days on 2,000 acres in the Cox’s Bazar district near Bangladesh’s border with Myanmar, officials have said.

The authorities plan to construct 14,000 shelters, each with a capacity to hold six families, with the help of international organisations and the Bangladesh military.

The camps in Bangladesh were already overflowing with at least 4,00,000 Rohingya Muslims before the current exodus was provoked by Rohingya militants’ attacking Myanmar Police Posts and an army base on August 25. (ANI)