Bangalore molestation – Abu Azmi’s son Farhan slams Bollywood actress Esha Gupta

Mumbai: In what may irk woman activists across the nation, Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi’s son Farhan has come to his father’s defence with a derogatory slur comparing Bollywood actresses with those earning their livelihood by offering sexual favour.

When actress Isha Gupta, like many other people of this nation, raised her voice against the Samajwadi Party leader’s disgraceful comment about the women, who were molested in Bengaluru, Farhan, instead of condemning his father’s statement, replied her back.

“The only woman to blame here, and she probably would have blamed herself too, is the woman who unknowingly gave birth to a jerk like u#AbuAzmi,” tweeted Isha.

To which, Farhan replied, “Tan bechakar do rotee jo kamae use ham veshaya naam dekar zaleel karate hain, dusri or tan ki numaish kar karodon kamaane vaalon ko sammaanit @eshagupta2811 kyun? (We demean women, who earn their livelihood by offering sexual favour; whereas, women earning crores by showing off their bodies are honoured, why?)”

While different people had different replies for this comment, the ‘Rustom’ actress chose her words wisely to answer back, “It’s ok… small-minded people don’t deserve attention.”

On a related note, Farhan is married to Bollywood actress, Ayesha Takia.