Bangalore blast investigation: Reddi says excellent coordination with central agencies

Bengaluru Police Commissioner M.N. Reddi on Wednesday said there had been excellent coordination and cooperation with the central agencies in the investigation of the Church Street blast.

“There has been excellent coordination and cooperation with the central agencies and they have been camping here all the time and we have been sharing all the available information and intelligence with each other to gain better understanding of the incident and the case,” said Reddi.

The Police Commissioner added that security arrangements had been beefed up in the city on New Year’s Eve.

“We have escalated the level of security that is usually done at New Year in the past. We have deployed more than 2000 police personnel. For the first in Bengaluru, drone will also be used for monitoring on this occasion,” he explained.

He further added that the police have got sketches from the people who witnessed the blast.

“The teams have been continuously working on various fronts and pursuance of various angles. They have also been able to get some sketches from people who were there on the street,” said Reddi, adding that the police had not released any sketches because they first wanted to corroborate the evidence.

“We need to corroborate and also make sure that the other evidence fits into that therefore we have not released any sketches which we hope to do as soon as possible,” he added.

The Commissioner also pointed out that the CCTV footage from the blast site had not been satisfactory because it was taken from various cameras with different angles and technologies.

A blast outside a restaurant in the busy Church Street earlier on Sunday evening led to the death of a woman and injured three others. The blast was triggered by an Improvised Explosive Device. (ANI)