Banaras Hindu University comes in support of JNU, burn Modi’s effigy

The controversy over JNU, arrest of Kanahiya Kumar and slapping of sedition charges against JUN students seems to be spreading throughout India and now even in Banaras Hindu University students come out in support to JNU students.

Though Universities across the country have come forward extending support to JNU, but Banaras Hindu University (BHU) left all universities behind by taking a an extra step by burning Modi’s effigy.

The BHU students has not only burn an effigy of PM Modi in order to show their support to JNU students, but also they demanded the release of Kanhaiya citing that policies by BJP party are killing the democracy of our country.

The All India Student Federation said in a statement in that Just outside the court of Delhi the journalists and students were beaten up by BJP goons and Police did nothing to stop them.

“Govt must release Kanahiya and punish those who took ‘law and order’ in hand” said the president of AISF.

BHU which is known for its strong Hindutava stand and has a strong RSS presence on campus. However various hostels and several departments came out protesting demanding the release of Kanahiya.