Balochistan seeks India’s support against ‘terrorist’ Pak’s atrocities

New Delhi : Strongly condemning Pakistan’s atrocities against Balochistan, World Baloch Women’s Forum president Naela Quadri Baloch said India must support the people of Balochistan and stop Pakistan from commiting genocide against her people.

“Balochistan is not in Pakistan. It’s occupied by Pakistan. So, if somebody is arrested in Balochistan, we can expect any kind of fraud, trap from Pakistan because Pakistan is created on lies, its base and foundation is hate and lies. So, they can do anything like this. The demand of the Baloch people always for India to intervene like they intervened in Bangladesh.because Bengalis were Indians basically and we are not. But we are your neighbours,” Baloch told ANI.

“The demand of the Baloch people that India should intervene in Balochistan, India should stop Pakistan from genociding Baloch people. India should do it. But India is not doing.India is not playing their role what they should have. There is no any other agencies who support Baloch. If they really supported us, till now we were free. We would have been an independent country now like Bangladesh,” she added.

Talking about the detained Indian naval officer Kulbushan Yadav, who has reportedly confessed in a video about his involvement in an alleged spying activity in the country, especially in Balochistan, Baloch said it is a trap by Pakistan.

“They craft the things like this. They don’t accept what they are doing in Balochistan. They are genociding Baloch people and killing at mass level. They are raping Baloch women in their captivity. They kill all the men and take all the women and burn the villages,” she added.

Urging India and Afghanistan to take a strong stand against all these, Baloch said it was the responsibility of India and Afghan to support them.

“Independent Balochistan is a promise for a non-nuclear’s a promise for safety of India and Afghanistan, it’s a promise for economic development of India and Afghanistan and Central Asia and Arab countries and the whole world. We are the junction.the connecting point. If we are occupied by a terrorist Pakistan and you are silent, then how you can expect peace in your country?” she added.

Pakistan earlier released a six-minute video of detained Indian naval officer Kulbushan Yadav wherein he has reportedly confessed to his involvement in an alleged spying activity in the country, and especially in Balochistan.

India, on its part, has rejected the allegations of Yadav’s involvement in subversive activities in Pakistan, and hinted at his possible abduction from Iran.

“Govt categorically rejects allegations that this individual was involved in subversive activities in Pakistan at our behest,” the Ministry of External Affairs earlier said in a statement.

“While we probe this aspect further, his presence now in Pakistan raises questions, including the possibility of his abduction from Iran,” it further said.

India has further sought consular access to the purported RAW agent, who was arrested from Quetta last week, and expressed concern about his well-being. (ANI)