Balochistan is not Xinjiang, Baloch leader warns China

Balochistan: Warning China against exploitation of Balochistan’s mineral wealth and occupation of Baloch territory, Baloch pro-independence leader Allah Nazar Baloch asserted that the people of Balochistan would not tolerate their attempts to trample upon their human rights as “the Baloch are a freedom loving people. And, Balochistan is not Xinjiang or Tiananmen.”

In a letter addressed to Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing, Allah Nazar Baloch said the people of Balochistan have no reason to put up with Chinese oppression. “All Chinese are, therefore, legitimate targets, including tourists, fishermen, and labourers insofar they are an integral part of Chinese state’s overseas outreach. We can assure that your Punjabi stooges will not be able to protect you from the wrath of the Baloch people.”

The Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) commander began his letter with praise for Chinese resilience against Western dominance. “China emerged as one of the most outstanding examples of Asian resurgence after two centuries of Western dominance. But, unfortunately, China is misusing its newfound power and wants to colonize other countries. It is implementing self-serving infrastructure and mining projects in various countries at an enormous cost to indigenous people and environment.”

He emphasised that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is being built through Baloch territory without the consent of the Baloch. “This project fails three key tests. It does not enjoy the prior approval of the Baloch people. It is not based on a sound assessment of its impact on Balochistan’s fragile ecosystems. It is not based on a sound assessment of the economic viability and environmental sustainability of projects from the Baloch perspective.”

The Baloch leader pointed out, “We understand that your country needs resources for your economy and access to and through the rest of the world. However, instead of directly approaching the people concerned you try to steal their land and resources. If you need Baloch resources and land you must engage the Baloch people directly rather than their current Punjabi colonizers. You can surely claim that a democratically elected government of Pakistan signed the agreement, but you know that the Pakistani government is controlled by your lapdogs in Rawalpindi. We see Chinese presence in our territory as the dual colonization of Balochistan.”

He warned that until China stopped Balochistan’s unbridled exploitation, the Baloch people reserved the right to defend their land, resources, environment and heritage by all possible means and against all possible sources of threat. “We will make no distinction between the so-called soft and hard targets,” he warned while expressing his respect for the Chinese people’s choice to live under an “authoritarian government as well-fed puppets”. (ANI)