Baloch students protest in Islamabad, Karachi; demand immediate release of missing persons

Islamabad: Baloch students in Islamabad and Karachi have carried out protests in solidarity with the families of Baloch missing persons.

Supporting Baloch family members who are on hunger strike outside the Quetta Press Club for the past two weeks, the students demanded an immediate release of thousands of Baloch and Pashtun activists, who, they claim, have been kidnapped and tortured by Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the army.

In Islamabad, the protestors marched through various streets chanting slogans against the judiciary and government for failing to take notice of the “alarming situation”.

The protestors said that their protest was in solidarity with women and children who have been protesting in the cold weather of Quetta for their loved ones.

Strongly criticising the role of Balochistan’s provincial government, the protestors said that the government has been “totally indifferent to the grave issue of missing persons”.
Separately, Baloch students also protested in front of Karachi press club demanding the ‘immediate release of all missing persons’.

Baloch activists settled abroad have criticised Pakistan’s government for its failure to listen to demands of Baloch victim families.

Ashraf Sherjan, a Baloch human rights activist based in Germany, criticised Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for not fulfilling his promises made before the elections.

“Imran Khan made big promises that after becoming Prime Minister I will resolve the issue of missing persons. You have become Prime Minister, but the issue of Baloch missing persons remained the same. Our sisters are on hunger strike outside Quetta Press Club for the past two weeks. Thousands of Baloch, Pashtun and Sindhi are missing and we know people behind their disappearances,” he remarked.

Atta Baloch, another human rights activist based in Germany, opined, “I demand the immediate release of Baloch missing persons from Pakistani custody including Shabir Baloch. Baloch women have been protesting for the past several years and they have set up a camp outside Quetta Press Club recently and we demand all the human rights activists, European Union and all the Baloch living in Balochistan or anywhere in the world should raise their voice for justice and demand the immediate release of Baloch missing persons.”