Baloch leader Marri expresses gratitude to India for raising Balochistan issue at UN

Geneva [Switzerland]: Expressing gratitude to the Indian Government for raising the issue of Balochistan at the United Nations General Assembly, Baloch representative at the United Nations and the European Union Mehran Marri has described it as another proud day for the Baloch people, as the issue of human rights violations by Pakistan was raised at the highest level.

“I think it’s another proud day for us that India has raised the Balochistan issue at the highest level and, I think, that the comments can be interpreted as state terrorism against the Baloch people,” Marri told ANI.

Marri also urged New Delhi to keep raising the issue because that was the way to go for an independent Balochistan neighbour.

“We are extremely grateful to the Government of India and the Foreign Minister (Sushma Swaraj) and please keep it up, because that’s the way forward. You will have an independent Balochistan and a peaceful neighbour who will respect themselves and you,” he added.

Warning Pakistan to back off from its nefarious designs on Jammu and Kashmir, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj yesterday advised Islamabad to abandon its dream of separating any part of India, saying “Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and will always remain so.”

Swaraj also pointed out the human rights violations committed by Pakistan on the Baloch people.

“Those accusing others of human rights violations would do well to introspect and see what egregious abuses they are perpetrating in their own country, including in Balochistan. The brutality against the Baloch people represents the worst form of State oppression,” she said.

Meanwhile, Marri also hailed Swaraj’s well measured reference to terrorism on Pakistan and said that Pakistan is the epicenter of international terrorism.

“It’s no secret, everybody knows. Now, people are acknowledging and being vocal about it. Pakistan is the epicenter of international terrorism, and now, it’s coming to people’s lips. It has always been in people’s mind and they already know who spreads terrorism, who spreads nuclear proliferation and badness in the region,” he added.

Marri was also of the view that unless reference to Pakistan is made, the problem of terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism cannot be solved. (ANI)