Ballabhgarh faces communal violence again

In Atali village of Ballabhgarh, violence erupted once again yesterday. Hindus and Muslims of that village pelted stones on each other on three occasions in which four people were injured. According to police report it was difficult to identify who started violence but the residents of the village told that the first clash occurred in the morning when the Muslims were offering morning prayer in the mosque. At that time Hindus pelted stones on them. During the same time, the Hindus at the adjacent temple were holding kirtan making loud noises which sparked the violence.

Police reported that at the time of the initial stone-pelting in the morning hours, six or seven Muslims were found to be offering Morning Prayer at the mosque. In order to save themselves, they took shelter at the residence of an elderly person of the community. The violence continued for about an hour with both the communities throwing stones and bricks at each other from the top of the buildings. It may be mentioned that this mosque was burnt during communal riots occurred on May 26th when nearly 2,000 armed men said to have set the mosque ablaze. In this violence 15 Muslim were injured and nearly 150 muslims took shelter in Ballabhgarh police station till June 3.

Police maintained that after the previous riots, the village has been peaceful but the local people denied this claim. They said that after the earlier violence the situation in the village had been tensed. The villagers were given an assurance that they could offer prayers peacefully but the real situation is quite opposite. The Muslims of the village are facing social boycott everyday by the other communities. This was reported to police but the police did not take any action.

After the first incident of violence during morning prayer, another two incidents of pelting stones took during afternoon and evening prayers. The mosque was desecrated when the Muslims when to the mosque for offering afternoon prayer. The Muslim decided to break their fast in their home and not to come out.

Mr. Subhash Yadav, Commissioner of Police, Faridabad City told that additional police forces have been deployed in the village and all roofs of the buildings have been cleared. Policemen have also been posted on the roofs.