Bajrangi Bhaijaan: A cross border humanity saga

New Delhi, July 17:Well Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a movie which is based on humanity i.e. an adorable Pakistani girl aged six who is mute somehow gets down from the Samjhautha express, which connects India and Pakistan, and is unable to climb on it. She is left behind in India and makes her way to Kurukshetra and finds Pavan (Salman).

Little did Pavan know that he is about to embark on a roller coaster ride. Pavan, who is not well educated but is pure hearted, comes to Delhi with Munni/Shahida (Harshaali) in search of a job. Pavan also falls in love with Rasika ( Kareena) who lives in the same house.

Pavan then decides to take Munni to her parents but has a hard time in finding out where she comes from. Things change when Munni erupts in joy over a Pakistan victory in an India-Pakistan cricket encounter. That is when Pavan realizes the she is from Pakistan. Pavan has a tough time in getting the Pakistani passport and finally decides to enter Pakistan without passport and visa. Things turn ugly from here and Pavan is then being described as an Indian informer on the Pakistani soil.

Meanwhile, Pavan meets a Pakistani reporter ( Nawazuddin) who decides to help him after listening to his story. The police and the Pakistan Government are not willing to buy his story and go after him. From here on, there is a grueling chase by the Pakistani authorities to capture Pavan.

The performances in the movie are satisfactory except for Harshaali as she was amazing and charming.

The climax of the movie is heart wrenching. The movie tries to bridge the ties between the two countries. The movie’s message is good but the plot is weak on such a sensitive issue. The direction is satisfactory; the music is not impressive and the same can be said for the dialogues. But then you don’t need all this as you have Salman Khan in the movie and that is all you need to get the box office rolling. All in all, this movie is watchable. (ANI)