Bajrangdal, VHP demand ban on Valentine’s Day

Representatives of Telangana Bajrangdal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad here on Tuesday demanded that the State governments in the country totally proscribe Velentine’s Day on February 14.
Releasing a poster against Valentine’s Day here, Telangana Bajrangdal State co-convener M Subhash Chender, Vishwa Hindu Parishad State official spokesperson G Venkateshwara Raju, Mahankali wing convener Jeevan and others deplored that Lovers’ Day (Valentine’s Day) was being celebrated every year on February 14 in the name of a religious preacher and a traitor at the behest of multinational companies in the country. Therefore, it is bounden duty of every Indian to strive to protect Indian culture and traditions, they said.
Reminding that Valentine, who worked in a church in Rome during 268-70 was proclaimed as traitor by then Roman Emperor and sent to gallows on February 14, the Bajrangdal leaders said the multinational companies, with an intention to mint money, introduced Valentine’s Day celebrations in the country and sending the booty to the foreign countries. They appealed to the country’s youth to realize the ill-intentions of the multinational companies and keep off such ridiculous celebrations.
Making it clear that they were never against genuine love, they said many heroes in the epics married their loved ones. But on Valentine’s Day, “love” springs in the parks in the morning and vanishes in the evening. “Therefore, the future leaders of the country must shun Valentine’s Day celebrations and leave the day-long love affairs to the foreigners only”, they said and appealed to the youth to participate in the anti-Valentine Day protests on February 14.
Appealing to businessmen running hotels, pubs, resorts and FM radios to discourage Valentine’s Day celebrations and help protect Indian culture and traditions, the Bajrandal and VHP leaders said they would launch protests on that day for which they would be alone responsible for the consequences. They also appealed to the youth to think whether they need foreign culture at a time when foreigners were respecting Indian culture and traditions and marrying Indians. (NSS)