Bajrang dal wants ban on Kamasutra books’ sale at Khajuraho temple

Chhatarpur, MP: The logic of some India’s dignitaries never fails to give everyone a good laugh. It is not an old story by a Rajasthan’s HC judge that ‘peacock’s tears are responsible for making peahen pregnant’, another story has arisen with a demand of ban on the sale of Kamasutra books at Khajuraho temple by Bajrang Sena activists as it is against India’s culture and tradition.

The activists, however, forgot that the walls of the temples at Khajuraho is full of erotic carving and famous for this very reason.

As per Indian Express, the activists approached Israr Mansouri, sub-divisional officer of police in Chhatarpur and sought a ban on the sale of Kamasutra literature and ‘obscene figurines’ from being sold inside the premises of the Khajuraho temple.

“Such things are readily available inside the temple premises under the very nose of ASI and tourism department officials. Such things affect the image of Indian culture and traditions in the eyes of the foreigners,” Jyoti Agarwal, the group’s Khajuraho unit president said.

Reactions the activists got on Twitter: