Baidu’s DU Battery Saver allows saving battery life on android

Amsterdam: Chinese web Services Company Baidu has released an android app called DU Battery Saver.

According to The Next Web, the app is free and can instantly find apps that consume too much power, giving the users up to 50 percent more battery life.

It identifies how much battery life the users can save within 30 seconds of loading the app. The users have to simply hit optimize and it will stop certain apps from working in the background, giving them more time in between charges. The service allows the users if they want to prefer to leave some apps on.

Also, the app has a series of programmable modes where the users can opt to turn certain features on or off. It can restrict calls, messages, and even vibrations to save battery life.

In addition, it even alerts the users when an app is secretly eating battery life on the lock screen. (ANI)