Baghpat conversion: delegation of clerics sent to bring the family back into folds of Islam

Baghpat: Spiritual leader of Jamaitul Uloom Ashrafia Maulana Syed Bilal Husain Thanwi called a meeting of scholars and clerics to discuss the religious conversion of 13 members of a family in Badarkha village of Baghpat. Noting that the issue is serious, the scholars regretted the incident and said conversion is a major sin and it is never forgiven. It invites Allah’s wrath. They cited the hardships faced by the companions (RAA) of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) but they were firm in their belief. They even sacrificed their lives for the Islam.

A delegation of scholars was sent for the rectification of the affected family. They said we are trying our best to bring the family back to the folds of Islam.