Bad news for ‘Selfie’ lovers: Doctor highlights severe impacts of taking Selfie

Hyderabad: These days taking Selfie has become very popular. Earlier, doctors and psychiatrics had highlighted the psychological ailments. Now, they have come out with the information regarding various ailments of the palm.

By taking Selfie, the body parts like arms, breast and shoulders get affected. In some cases, it has also led to surgeries.

It is observed that persons in the age group 18-34 years are crazy of taking Selfies whereas individuals between age group of 15-40 year have complained that they are suffering from pain in their palms and shoulders.

Neuro physician of Aster Prime Hospital, Dr. Niloufer Ali told that while taking Selfie, palm is moved at various angles which exert pressure on joints and muscles. In turn, nerves get affected and the entire nervous system gets shattered. This pain is so severe that right from palm all the nerves of the shoulder get affected. In such cases, surgery becomes unavoidable.

Dr. Niloufer Ali further told that in medical field, this ailment of palm pain is referred to as “Selfie Rest”.

She informed that in her hospital, every month, 5-6 such patients are treated. She advised the Selfie lovers to use Selfie stick instead of using their palms.

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