Bad breakup? Facebook will help you avoid your exes

Washington D.C., Nov. 20 : Facebook has developed new tools which will help you to get over you exes.

Kelly Winters, Facebook product manager, said that they were testing tools to help people manage how they interacted with their former partners on Facebook after a relationship had ended.

Winters said that when people changed their relationship status to indicate they were no longer in a relationship, they would be prompted to try these tools, Us Weekly reports.

The tool, which will help you move on, features numerous options, such as not seeing an ex’s updates without having to unfriend or block that person, and also will not suggest the name when tagging or starting new messages.

It will also let the user limit the photos, videos, and status updates that a former partner could see and let users edit who can see past posts with a former partner.

As of now, these tools are being tested in the United States and changes will be made according to the user’s feedback. (ANI)