Backed by US & Israel, Syrian govt. carrying out Muslim genocide

New Delhi: President All India Imam Association Maulana Sajid Rasheedi said that Syria is a sacred land but in the same land killing and destruction is being done. All this is done because it is inhabited by Muslims. US is on a spree of destroying Muslim nations. After causing destruction in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya now it is on a mission to destroy Syria. Though it calls itself the harbinger of peace, it itself is the greatest terrorist. US and Israel together are plotting against Muslims. It is being tried to defame Islam and Muslims.

During a press conference, Maulana Sajid said India has always been the abode of peace but it seems that an evil eye has struck our country. Some people are trying to divide the country on religious grounds. They are killing Muslims in the name of talaq, love jihad, cow slaughter. Unfortunately, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has also joined them. Maulana Sajid Rasheedi said Sri Sri Ravi Shankar aims at earning money. He said Babri Masjid was built in 1528. Was there no Hindu at that time? Was there no historian who could have taken the picture of the so-called temple or mention it in his book.