Babri Masjid dispute: Intellectuals react strongly on attempt to out-of-court settlement

New Delhi: Anger prevails among Muslim circles, on the meeting of Muslim intellectuals with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for out of court settlement of Babri Masjid dispute. Now that the Supreme Court has made it clear that the issue is of ‘place’ nor of ‘faith’, the meeting is meaningful. They urged Muslim Personal Law to clear its stand on the meeting and to take strict action against those who attended the meeting.

Prof. Akhtarul Wasey said though there’s no ban on meeting with someone, but the interest of the community should not be toyed with. Chairman Delhi Minority Commission Dr Zafarul Islam Khan said Babri Masjid has been demolished, there’s no need to act without pondering, now Supreme Court will give the judgment.

Religious leader and imam of Shahi Masjid Fatehpur, Dr Mufti Mukarram Ahmed said now all the phases of discussions have ended. He said when the court cannot intervene into the shariah how can some scholars decide of shifting the masjid at another place. This is not a house.

President All India Muslim Majlis Mushaverat Naveed Hamed said that meeting of Muslim leaders with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is technically meaningless, because the dispute cannot be solved without the consent of the parties, if they were so serious did they spoke to Sunni Waqf Board, Personal Law and other parties who are party to the Babri Masjid dispute case, he asked.