Babri Masjid crusader Syed Shahabuddin passes away

New Delhi: The leader of All India Babri Masjid Action Committee, former IFS and MP Syed Shahabuddin passed away on Saturday morning at 6.22 a.m in Noida hospital after a prolonged illness. He has been famously known for he was a leader of Babri Masjid action committee.

The 82-year-old former MP from Kishanganj was born in Ranchi, Jharkhand in the year 1935 was suffering from respiratory problems for the last several years.

Shahabuddin began working as a diplomat for the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), but later entered into politics in 1977. From 1979-1996, he served three terms as a member of the Parliament of India.

The political stalwart was involved with many Muslim institutions and organizations including the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, of which he was the President as well.

Syed Shahabuddin was one among the very few people, who spoke fearlessly and without any prejudice on Muslim issues. No Muslim or non-Muslim politician has speak and write so much on Muslim issues as Shahabuddin.

In 1983, he launched a monthly journal named  ‘Muslim India’ which was revived again in 2006.

Shahabuddin was well known for his concern in the Shah Bano Case and his strong opposition to the destruction of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya by Hindu fundamentalists on 6th December 1992.

He vociferously rebuked the then Narasimha Rao-led Congress Party government at the Centre for allowing the demolition of Babri Masjid.

He published an open letter to Narendra Modi regarding Muslim voters and received criticism for this act.

Navaid Hamid, senior Journalist and President of the All India Muslim Majlise Mushawarat (AIMMM) and close associate wrote on his facebook wall:

“Syed Shahabuddin sahab, IFS Retd., Ex MP & former President of All India Muslim Majlise Mushawarat left for heavenly abode this morning @6.22 am. Inna lillahe wa inna ilehe rajeoon. Namaz e Janaza & tadfeen would be @Qabrastan Punjpeeran, Nizamuddin, New Delhi after namaz e zohar @ 1.30 pm. Its requested to remember him in your prayers.”