Babri demolition: Indian-American Muslims demand justice

Babri demolition: Indian-American Muslims demand justice

Washington DC: The Association of Indian-American Muslims on Wednesday demanded justice on the 25th Anniversary of Babri Mosque Demolition. It said that it was 25 years ago today on December 6, 1992, that a mob of extremist Hindus led by some senior politicians attacked the 16th-century Babri mosque in Ayodhya and demolished it, in direct violation of the order of India’ supreme court.

In a press note, Kaleem Kawaja, the Executive Director of Association of Indian Muslims of America said the Hindu “extremists” had made a false claim that the mosque was built by demolishing a temple for Lord Rama. The demolition of the mosque was accompanied by ant-Muslim violence in several cities in India that resulted in much loss of life.

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Speaking on behalf of a large number of Indian Muslims who live in North America, he expressed the extreme disappointment of the Muslim community that 25 years after this awful incident and despite the solemn promise of the then Prime Minister of India, Narasimha Rao in the Indian parliament, the Indian government has made no effort to restore the mosque site to the Muslim community.

Kawaja said that the Muslim community’s appeal is presently in the supreme court of India, where deliberations are beginning. He expressed the solemn pledge of all Indian Muslims in requesting the honorable Supreme Court to expedite the appeal process and to award the ownership of the parcel of land where Babri mosque existed. He stated that the 180 million strong Indian Muslim community reposes its full faith in the constitution of the Indian union and expects speedy justice from the supreme court.