‘Baalon ka chowkidar’ turns ‘desh ka chowkidar’: here’s how Siasat readers react

Hyderabad: Celebrity hairstylist Jawed Habib, on Monday, joined the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in New Delhi. Habib is considered amongst the best hairdressers in the world and currently has over 550 unisex hair salons across India with three international ones. This move has come right in the middle of the Lok Sabha elections.

Jawed’s move received mixed response from the public while some Twitterati hailed the move and gave comments such as “Now liberals will boycott your saloon and do haircut on footpath.” And “Ab to NaMo ka baal v baka nehi kar sakta”

Siasat readers on the other hand slammed him for joining the saffron party.

They posted comments like:

“Pehley nachnay-walon ka (Bollywood) ka hajjaam tha ab Modi ka hajjaam hai. Magar Hai Hajjaam hi”

On Facebook they commented:

“Boycott jawed Habeeb saloons”

“He will do hajamat of all”

“Barbers, chowkidars all these type of professionals only joins BJP not Graduates, Master’s PHD’s etc.”

“Kyu hajjam ki dukan nahi chalrahi hai Kya jawed..”

ANI on its twitter handle had posted “Prominent Hair Stylist Jawed Habib joins Bharatiya Janata Party, says ‘Aaj tak main baalon ka chowkidar tha, aaj mein desh ka chowkidar ban gaya hoon”