Azharuddin denounces appointment of Manoj as interim president of HCA

Hyderabad: Former Indian cricket captain Mohammed Azharuddin on Friday condemned the move of Apex Council of Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) to appoint John Manoj as the interim president of the association.

While criticizing the move, Azharuddin told the Times of India that all the meetings are illegal and they are in violation of HCA rules and regulations. He also suggested Manoj to refrain from performing actions that violate the rules and regulations.

On the other hand, Manoj said that the Apex Council members on Thursday took the decision to appoint him as interim president and he has taken charge on Friday. He also said that the administration cannot enter into standstill mode.

The HCA’s interim chief further said that he has also called an Emergent Apex Council meeting on Sunday for the discussion on various issues.

He further said that cricket season is going to start and it has to be ensured that the administration works smoothly.

Show-cause notice to Azharuddin

Earlier, the apex council had issued a show-cause notice to Azharuddin for his alleged conflict of interest and other reasons. He was also suspended until the completion of an inquiry against him.

The five-page notice also says that Azharuddin’s membership of the HCA also stands canceled until the inquiry is over. The council has given Azharuddin seven days to reply to the notice, dated June 15.

After former Indian cricket captain’s refusal to reply to the showcase notice, five members of the Apex Council, secretary R. Vijayanand, John Manoj himself, joint secretary Naresh Sharma, treasurer Surender Agarwal and councillor P. Anuradha, have decided to put him under suspension and appointed Manoj as interim chief of HCA.