Azam Khan shower praises on PM Modi for pausing victory speech for Azaan

New Delhi: Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan is always in the headlines for his controversial remarks against BJP leaders and PM Narendra Modi. But this, the senior SP leader surprised everyone after he praised Prime Minister for pausing his speech during Azaan.

A video of Azam Khan fervently admiring PM Modi is doing rounds in which the Samajwadi Party leader said that at one time Modiji had refused to wear a cap. But today the same Narendra Modi heard Azaan’s voice because in his heart, there was such a fear of Allah and love of Azaan that he stopped his victory speech midway.

After winning the North-East, Prime Minister was addressing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers at party headquarters in Tripura on Saturday. Within one minute of Prime Minister’s speech, Maghreb Azaan given out at dusk began at a nearby mosque.

As soon Prime Minister Modi heard Azaan, he stopped his speech midway and informed the party cadres about the Azaan (Muslim prayer). Till the time Azaan continued, Prime Minister Modi and party workers maintained complete silence in order to pay respect to the Muslim prayer.

The Prime Minister resumed his speech once the Muslim prayer got over.

Azam Khan justifies the Center and the UP government’s decision on the issue of demonetization, Beef ban, Haj subsidy and Triple Talaq.

Speaking on beef ban, he said that Muslims used to eat rotten meat. Modiji strictly stopped the meat consumption and Muslims benefited greatly from it as people save money and on the other hand, the health is good as no one is falling sick and the doctors who were rich with their money no longer have a patient.

While praising the Prime Minister, he said, “I do not know how many times it has been written in the Quran that you should get the knowledge. The Prime Minister had recently said in number saying that it has been said so often in the Quran that read.

The Prime Minister also said that, “I want to see the Muslims children to have Quran in one hand and the Science on the other hand. Sir Sayyed said the same thing. The only difference is Sir Sayyed’s beard was bigger and prime minister has slightly smaller.”