If not in Ayodhya, will the temple be built in Mecca? asks Mahant Gyan Das

New Delhi: President of Akhara Parishad Mahant Gyan Das while speaking to the media, reprimanded Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on his Syria remarks, saying “he is not a saint and he speaks nonsense”. He further said that “we should not make such a temple whose roots match with blood.”

Gyan Das said that Ravi Shankar wants to gain respect in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s eyes. “Ravi Shankar had also visited us in Ayodhya, but we refused to meet him,” he added. The art of living founder is trying to make fool of people in the name of settlement.

In 2010, the court had decided to divide the disputed land into three equal parts, and we had taken initiative. Now it seems that the Ram temple would be built.

He further said that now the court will decide, whether temple would be built. If Ram Temple is not built in Ayodhya, will it be built in Mecca? Gyan Das asked. Ram Temple should be built in Ayodhya, he emphasised. However, the temple should not be constructed upon blood, he said adding that the leaders are creating issues.

He spoke on the strategy of politicians and said that these people divide public on the basis of religion, but when they need votes, they give respect to all.