Ayodhya: Temple in the disputed land will safeguard Muslim community in India

New Delhi: Muslim community in India which is being assumed as a huge threat to the nation’s major community by the radical outfits and fearing for the security of Indian Muslims in the nation, the National Commission for Minorities chief Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi on Monday said a temple built in the disputed Ayodhya land will settle the communal tensions between the two communities.

Hasan Rizvi strongly favored construction of Ram temple at the contested site in Ayodhya saying that this was the only resolution to end growing communal tensions in the nation.

The commission will also hold a meeting on November 14 to discuss the possibility of urging the top court for an early hearing in the disputed title suit he said, citing the “current atmosphere of growing tension.”

Muslims in the nation can live freely without any communal tension, fear that is threatening them if the majority community gets what it wants is what Rizvi believes.

The NCM is intending to reach out to the government and minority community with its opinion that can bring peace among the two communities.

“The government should take necessary measures whether through talks with stakeholders or through an ordinance. Whatever be the way out, a resolution is critical to ease the tension,” Rizvi told TOI.

“I am of the firm view that a temple should be built at the site and that is the only way to end the dispute and safeguard the Muslim minority community from fear and tension, “ Rizvi said.

The NCM chief’s assertion comes at a crucial time when many VHP, RSS, BJP leaders have already made bold threats for bringing in an ordinance on Ram temple.

“As NCM it is our responsibility to safeguard the interests of the minorities and therefore an early resolution of the Ayodhya issue is important. The commission is getting cases regularly involving tension between communities and somewhere the invisible trigger rests in the overall atmosphere prevailing over the Ayodhya site,” Rizvi added.