Ayodhya Dispute: VHP will re-create ‘6 Dec’ scenario, Muslim petitioner pleads protection for community & his family

Ayodhya Dispute: VHP will re-create ‘6 Dec’ scenario, Muslim petitioner pleads protection for community & his family

The Muslim petitioner in Ayodhya Title dispute case Iqbal Ansari has pleaded protection in the apex court on Wednesday for Muslim community and his family members in Ayodhya.

Fear has engulfed Muslim community in the region where the proposed VHP rally is scheduled to take on November 25 which Ansari suspects could create a December 6, 1992-like atmosphere in Ayodhya.

“Instead of gheraoing the Vidhan Sabha, the VHP is organizing a rally in Ayodhya. They are trying to create a 1992-like atmosphere here. No one from the district administration has contacted us to ensure our safety and security,” said Iqbal.

Iqbal’s father Hashim Ansari, was one of the oldest litigants in the case and after Hashim’s death in 2016 his son Iqbal Ansari became a party to the case.

“When the case (Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid) is pending in the Supreme Court, what is the point in holding the rally in Ayodhya?” Iqbal questions.

“Muslims of Ayodhya are apprehensive about their security. If the state government fails to assure the safety of the Muslim community and my family members, we will have no option but to leave Ayodhya,” Iqbal added.

Just like how Aadhar Act was passed through money bill and imposed demonetization and GST took place, the BJP now intends to bring a legislation on Ram Temple.

According to sources, the Bajrang Dal is recruiting as many as 25,000 volunteers for the movement to be launched in Ayodhya, National Herald reports.

Confirming the same VHP Awadh region secretary Bholendra, said: “The Bajrang Dal will be recruiting 25,000 volunteers by December 18 and events are already being organised in 100 locations in the Awadh region. These volunteers will be ready to march to Ayodhya anytime for Ram Mandir construction on the orders of the top saints.”

UP cabinet minister Srikant Sharma supporting VHP and Bajrang Dal drive said “These kinds of programmes are carried out by different groups for expansion.
The BJP is committed towards its promise of Ram mandir construction. However, everyone wants to know the stand of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and his party over the Ayodhya dispute. Gandhi is a fake and his temple visits are politically motivated.”

Meanwhile, Sri Rajput Karni Sena on Wednesday, reiterated its demand for construction of a Lord Ram palace instead of a temple, at the disputed site.
Rajput Karni Sena leader Chief Lokendra Singh Kalvi said “We are kshatriyas (Rajputs). All Rajputs are descendants of Lord Ram, who was also a kshatriya. Lord Ram was born in King Dashrath’s palace and not in any temple.”

“So, we are demanding the construction of a magnificent palace at the disputed site in Ayodhya for Lord Ram instead of Ram Mandir,” he added.