Award wapsi an ‘inquilaab’ against Modi govt: Congress

New Delhi: The Congress Party on Friday dubbed the Award Wapsi (returning of the awards) by eminent personalities from various field as an ‘Inquilaab’ against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA Government.

“I feel whenever a revolution takes place in this world; it is done in a similar way. It is a kind of ‘Inquilaab’. This is just a start, slowly more and more people will join this,” Congress leader Rashid Alvi told ANI.

“This government needs to understand that all those protesting figures be it historians, film makers, scientist and literary figures. they don’t belong to any political party,” he added.

Alvi also said that it was only the ‘arrogance’ of the government which was not ready to listen to anything from anyone.

“In contrary they are commenting against all those protesting by saying that it is a manufactured protest,” he said.

Alvi further said that the Narendra Modi-led Government has failed to understand that slowly everyone in the society is dissenting from them.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had earlier said that ‘manufactured rebellion’ in the country was growing as eminent scientist PM Bhargava announced that he would return his Padma Bhushan award.

“First writers, then filmmakers, now biologist…do you see this as a chain reaction. I had already called it manufactured rebellion…I stand by my phrase and I think the events as they are unfolding only indicate that that kind of manufacturing is growing at a faster speed,” said Jaitley.

Taking a strong exception to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s ‘manufactured rebellion’ remark over the writers, artists and filmmakers returning their awards in protest against the growing intolerance, the Congress Party said that it reflected a mindset that is intolerant of any criticism.

Congress leader Anand Sharma had said that Prime Minister Modi’s silence on this issue would encourage a situation in the country where there will be a confrontation with any Indian who disagrees with the government.