Avoid un-Islamic customs during marriage: United Tahfuz Shariat Committee

Nellore: In an event organized by Tahfuz Shariat Committee in Nellore, Shameem Fatima said that the bride and the bride-groom play an important role in ensuring a simple marriage.

She said that if the bride insists her parents to not accept any demands of the in-laws and the bride-groom remains adamant of not performing any un-Islamic customs or lavish spending then a simple marriage can be performed.

Highlighting the un-Islamic customs followed during the wedding ceremony, she said that the family elders, relatives, and friends give so much importance to the rituals that even if one of them is missed, they think that a bad omen will happen.

She further said that the new generation should be given Islamic teachings so that they do not indulge in any of the un-Islamic customs at the time of marriage.

Suggesting the different ways to eradicate the evil of dowry from society, she said that the intellectuals should come forward in educating youngsters. In Friday sermons, youngsters should be taught how to refrain from un-Islamic rituals, she added.

Maimoona Sultana, Asiya Sultana, Tanveer Fatima, and others also expressed their views during the event.